Running a kart team may seem a little remote from running a building project but I do find the skills are interchangeable. Making sure we have all the items we need to hand for a day at the track is similar to arranging materials for a job and planning the man power for the race is very like arranging and making best use of the workforce required to construct a project.  The transfer of management skills from site to circuit and vice versa does tend to keep me thinking about new ways to improve running our projects and doing well in our races.


In 2011 our twin boys and myself - a heavy weight no-ballast-required Dad - took part in a championship run by CLUB100, a racing company which can quite accurately boast the unrivalled status "The highest level of 'arrive & drive' championship kart racing in the UK and Europe."  Sarah was our team manager using her admin skills to arrange transport, accommodation and catering, and on race day monitoring lap charts and generally supporting from the pit lane.   We had to race against 30+ other karting teams in 2 hour endurance races over 11 rounds across the country, and in that first year had podium finishes in 7 races - an amazing achievement from our viewpoint and culminating in our winning the championship with an overall margin of 20 points.


The race reviewer Eddie Hall summed up the year "It has largely been a tale of two halves this year. Team Racewear dominated the first few races and For Fox Sake have been the class of the field in the latter part. In fairness, I think the best team won in the end. Their consistency and outright speed can't be denied and it's also nice to see a team comprising of an entire family winning the championship."


Headlines such as the following were enough to make one blush but they gave our clients a smile.


I think if a solid dependable builder (with associated ballast characteristics) hadn't been on the team then the team may well have won the championship a little earlier on in the year!


2012 we moved up from Rookies to Intermediates which proved to be a fair upgrade for us but despite only getting on to the podium three times this year, our consistency at getting into the top 6 of each race out of a field of 35 managed to get us third place in the championship along with a rather big, and I'm afraid to say, rather tasteless silver cup!


Excerpt from Official Race Report by Eddie Hall

"It was a great drive from Alakart and indeed a great season and they are worthy champions. Hats off to AAA Taxi too; after 4 years of inconsistency in the rookie championship, Justin Buck took the plunge, got a great little team behind him and came oh so close to besting a world champion - not many people can say that. A word too for the Foxes who finished a creditable third in their first season of Inters."


The following years became a bit of a sabbatical for myself as the boys went to university where they took part in the British Universities Karting Championship teaming up with much lighter and faster teammates and winning many races and a couple of championships.  I took part in some Sprint racing championships but have to say, I prefer the synergy of teamwork so for now, until I can tempt the boys back, I have hung up my racing gear!

For more information on the series, click here: www.club100.co.uk